Six Flags Aims to Raise Prices to Eliminate 'Rowdy' Teenagers

According to the CEO of Six Flags -- an Arlington, Texas-based amusement park -- it has transformed into a "day care center for teenagers" as a result of providing too many discounts...


Photo: Getty Images

During an earnings call with analysts last week, CEO Selim Bassoul discussed their new approach to prevent "rowdy" teenagers from disrupting the park. The plan is to raise rates and attempt to draw in a wealthier clientele.

"Now, we're changing that philosophy, and we're going to a broader market. We're going to, what I call, more affluent neighborhoods where we would like to bring people from those neighborhoods to come to our park who have not been targeted before," Bassoul said.

In an effort to boost visits as fall approaches, the corporation also aims to introduce new services, such as a new meal plan, a larger Fright Fest with activities to draw more families, and the introduction of an Oktoberfest event.

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