Burglar Bungle: Thief Left Keys Inside Crime Scene

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Photo: Getty Images

A Northern Californian burglar returned to the scene of the crime after he forgot his keys inside a doughnut company's corporate office.

According to Huffington Post the thief stole some petty cash from Johnny Doughnut's office. He also grabbed the key to a bakery vehicle, but didn't steal the vehicle, but didn't steal vehicle itself. Police are seeking the public's help to identify the burglar, who used an unknown tool to "manipulate" the office's doorknob and get inside around 10 p.m. Surveillance video shows the man moving between the office and a back storage area, where he pried open the cabinet.

The thief took a bank bag with an unknown amount of cash.

Craig Blum, founder of Johnny Doughnuts, said his company plans to deliver a few dozen doughnuts to the San Rafael police officers “who came to our aid to ensure that we can continue serving our community hand-crafted doughnuts without interruption.”

It was an unfortunate incident, but we’re glad no doughnuts or team members were harmed,” Blum said. “Sometimes even the thought of a doughnut makes you do crazy things.”

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