Despite Inflation, Consumers Are Still Eating Out

Despite inflation, people are still spending about 40% of their food budgets on restaurants!

A new Popmenu study looked at current consumer spending and found:

  • When ordering from restaurants online, 33% of diners spend 50 dollars or more on average.
  • 45% of consumers eat in restaurants at least twice a week.
Man Using Smartphone While Eating With Friends

Photo: Getty Images

They also say that even as inflation squeezes their budgets, they would be more likely to cut spending on clothes, travel, gym memberships and rideshare services than restaurant food.

New clothes – 44% of consumers

Travel – 42%

Gym membership – 33%

Ride services (Uber, Lyft, taxis, etc) – 33%

Streaming subscriptions (Netflix, Peacock, Hulu, Prime Video, etc) – 30%

Other entertainment (movies, sports events, concerts) – 29%

Personal grooming (hair/nail salon) – 27%

Click HERE to read the full Popmenu study.

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