Scorching Temperatures Spread Across the US

The United States continues to experience suffocating heat as residents from Arizona to Boston struggle with temperatures that exceed 100 degrees!

Young man and heat stroke.

Photo: Getty Images

Officials advise people to seek shelter, drink plenty of water, and check on elderly neighbors and family members as the sweltering heat is predicted to last into the weekend, especially in the Northeast and Deep South, where temperatures are exceptionally high.

On Friday, July 22, Phoenix's temperature was expected to reach 112 degrees, and highs in Little Rock, Arkansas, were predicted to be around 100 degrees.

This weekend, Boston's high temperature is predicted to be 98 degrees.

Perhaps more than any other state, Texas is suffering from the heat...

Nearly all of the state is experiencing drought conditions, and cities like Fort Worth are significantly taxing their water supplies.

Check out more details on Reuters.

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