Relationships Hacks That Make Any Relationship Stronger

Romantic couple at a dinner party

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It has been scientifically proven that people need people in order to survive. We crave interactions with other beings. We do better physically, financially, and emotionally in healthy relationships. Some relationships are beneficial for business reasons. Another proven fact is healthy relationships take work. These steps will strengthen any relationship, romantic or business.

1. Be responsive- According to the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, responsiveness is one of the key components to building a relationship where the other person feels understood, valued and validated.

2. Be an Active Listener - As Harvard Business Review said, most people focus own on their thoughts and priorities while the other person is speaking, even without fully realizing as much. According to Boston University, active listening involves listening for both content and feelings within the speech of another.

3. Ask questions - Asking questions doesn’t make you look uninformed. Asking questions can bring greater clarity to a situation, accuracy to decisions and precision to tasks. Asking questions can also mean that others feel heard and understood, which is an essential part of building and maintaining a good relationship.

4. Build trust. Be credible. Be reliable. Be honest.

5. Show respect. Show owed respect – everyone deserves polite treatment and basic respect. Anf give earned respect. Give them credit for doing good. Reward them.

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