Texas School Massacre Press Conference, Update

Mass Shooting At Elementary School In Uvalde, Texas Leaves 21 Dead

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Here are the latest updates provided by Texas Governor Greg Abbott regarding the Texas School Massacre:

  • 19 children have lost their lives.
  • 2 faculty members were killed.
  • 17 injured, injuries are not life threatening.
  • All families have been notified regarding their children.

  • The murderer was an 18-year-old, high school dropout.
  • He has no previous criminal history, may have had a juvenile record - though that is not confirmed at this time.
  • No known mental health diagnosis.
  • He used an AR-15 rifle with two 23 rounds.
  • Gunman posted to Facebook 30 minutes before his rampage. Those posts read:
"I'm going to shoot my grandmother."
"I shot my grandmother."
"I am going to shoot an elementary school."
  • He shot his grandmother in the face. She was able to contact law enforcement following the shooting.
  • He had a car accident outside of the school, ran inside through a back door, went into a classroom, and began opening fire.
  • The classroom was connected to another classroom.
  • 3 officers were injured.
  • A member of law enforcement lost a child in this tragic shooting.
  • Motive is still unknown.

According to CBS News, as of writing,

  • Uziyah Garcia, 8
  • Amerie Jo Garza, 9
  • Annabelle Rodriguez, 10
  • Eva Mireles - teacher
  • Irma Garcia - teacher

are all confirmed as victims that have passed away.

Beto O'Rourke interrupted the press conference and was eventually escorted out.

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