Florida Woman Retaliates Against Neighbor with Urine Filled Bucket

A Florida woman retaliated against her neighbor after their chicken had been “pooping on the back patio” by “retrieving a bucket of pee from her bathroom” and then proceeding to make it rain on the chicken’s owner, according to the arrest report.

Christine Terman was arrested by officials on a misdemeanor battery charge following the confrontation, which took place late Sunday evening. The 57-year-old woman was at the Palm Haven Mobile Home Park in St. Petersburg.

According to the police report, Terman was mad at the victim, Lawrence Stenzel, because “his chicken [kept] pooping on the back patio.” To get even with Stenzel, Terman “went inside and got a bucket of pee from her bathroom, walked out on the back patio and threw the full bucket of pee” at him.

The bucket struck Stenzel in the face, who “was wet…and smelled of urine” when the sheriff arrived on the scene.

While the arrest report does not indicate why Terman had a bucket of waste at the ready, Terman “admitted to her actions” following the reading of her rights. Deputy Levi Blake reports that Terman was booked into the county jail and was later released after posting a $500 bond.

Terman’s boyfriend, Kevin Avery, aged 59, was also arrested for having allegedly threatening Stenzel while in the presence of police.

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