High School Musical (Adulthood)

During an interview for Zac Efron's new movie Firestarter, the actor was asked if he would be willing to reprise his role as Troy Bolton of the High School Musical movies. Efron replied, "Yes."

As a young watcher of the beloved series, (I'm not ashamed to say it), imagine an adult spin on the Disney Channel movie. That would be astoundingly entertainment if done right. Let's layout the groundwork.

First thing's first, we are making this movie actually adult. With that being said, our first demand, we want Troy to have a drinking problem! That would be amazing in the worse way possible. The reasoning: (1) Vanessa Hudgens' character Gabrielle Montez breaks up with the former college athlete, (2) His idolized father either dies or is found out to be living a secret life that no one knows of, and (3) Corbin Bleu's character Chad Danforth made it to the NBA while Troy the "star of the team" did not due to...... And that brings the music back to alcoholic - or possibly some other addictive substance (I won't say), Troy!

"Disney, If you want the rest, come see me!!!" - JB

P.S. Speaking of Disney, this should probably be created by an outside filiming studio because I doubt this level of adult will be received well by the mouse.

Until next time... WILDCATS!....Get your head out your a--!....

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