John & Ken Talked To Comedian Who Warned Security Before Chappelle Attack

Comedian Tehran Von Ghasri was standing in the Hollywood Bowl VIP area and saw Dave Chappelle's attacker moments before he rushed the stage.

Tehran told John & Ken that the guy, Isaiah Lee, looked suspicious and sketchy. Tehran tried to warn security but they paid no attention until Lee rushed the stage.

From the NY Post:

Comedian Tehran Von Ghasri said he desperately tried to alert security to Dave Chappelle’s alleged attacker after he snuck into the VIP area — but the guards “dismissed” him.
“Not only was I there, I was right there,” Ghasri told TMZ of his VIP spot at Tuesday night’s Hollywood Bowl show.
“The assailant actually slid in right next to me and walked towards the stage,” he said of allegedly seeing 23-year-old wannabe rapper Isaiah Lee suspiciously entering the VIP area packed with A-listers.
“I tried to alert the security but they kinda dismissed me, like they weren’t paying attention,” he said.
“I tried to warn, like, ‘Hey, this person jumped over the barrier and you should probably keep your eye on them,'” he told the outlet’s videographer.

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