Airline Passenger Who Was Duct-Taped To His Seat Gets 60 Days In Jail

Interior of commercial airplane with passengers in their seats

Photo: Getty Images

An unruly passenger who went viral after flight attendants duct-taped him to his seat has been sentenced to 60 days in jail.

23-year-old Max Berry pleaded guilty to assault charges for groping two flight attendants and punching a third, during a Frontier Airlines flight from Philadelphia to Miami.

And that video showing Berry restrained in his seat with duct tape has been viewed over 13 million times online...

He apologized in court and said he takes full responsibility for his actions.

But some don't think his jail sentencing is long enough...

"He made an enemy of everyone on that flight," Frontier flight attendant Jordan Galarza told WPLG. "The people on that aircraft saw justice happen — more than what we saw today." 

Read the full report on the Business Insider.

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