Manhunt Underway for Inmate and Corrections Officer Who Helped Him Escape

A manhunt is underway in Alabama for an escaped convict -- and the corrections officer who helped him flee!

Police say Vicky White, an assistant director of corrections for Lauderdale County, said she was taking inmate Casey White to a mental health evaluation at the courthouse. Instead, the pair ended up disappearing after leaving the vehicle abandoned in a parking lot.

Open door to prison cell

Photo: Getty Images

Officers believe Vicky White acted of her own free will, and was not threatened or coerced... And she was even a 'model employee' up to this point, her coworkers say.

"Those of us who worked with Vicky White and have done so for years, this is not the Vicky White we know by any stretch of the imagination," Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said. "She has been an exemplary employee – I was told by the director of the jail that Friday night it was like it was at a funeral wake. The employees are just devastated that she was involved in this. And they’re concerned for her safety, as are we. And we just hope this has a good ending."

Casey White was serving 75 years for a series of crimes, and was about to go to trial for a 2015 murder case.

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