#SmallBusinessShoutout Red Maple Cafe

Location: 173 N Maple St, Burbank, CA 91505.

Hours: Tuesday –Sunday 9am – 3pm & closed Mondays 

Red Maple offers a variety of coffee and an all-day dining menu. They are known for their signature poke bowls, smash burgers, signature brisket egg burrito, and #CELEBRALATTES that you can personalize with your own photo.  

They also offer a smart soda which is the world's first vitamin-infused craft soda! To personalize a latte or cappuccino with your own photo, download the free ripples app from the app store or google play store or go to redmaples.com to download the app directly. 

Follow @redmaplecafe to see photos of their most popular #CELEBRALATTES!

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