Case 1 of Episode 205 looks into the murders of Andrew Chavez and Clotee Reyes.

On September 30, 2017 at approximately 1:35 AM, Chavez and Reyes were involved in an argument on the 43000 block of 6th Street East - a residential street in Lancaster. The pair had just left a local party.

The pair was arguing after a party they had just left. There was a large group of other party-goers that surrounded Chavez and Reyes. The large group of people watched as the argument between Chavez and Reyes unfolded.

As Chavez and Reyes argued, a dark colored vehicle approached the group and began to open fire. Both Chavez and Reyes were shot and killed.

Following the initial gunshots, one of the juveniles in the surrounding group retrieved a gun from his car and began shooting at the dark colored vehicle as it fled the scene.

The suspect was able to escape the scene and remains at large, close to five years later.

Steve shadows LA County Sheriff’s deputies as they use body cams for the first time.

In the weeks that followed, investigators on the case were made aware of social media posts that were being made by a local gang member. Despite the cryptic social media posts, investigators were able to corroborate the person’s alibi, clearing him from any involvement in the murders. As the investigation continued, investigators spoke to Chavez’s mom on a number of occasions. She told authorities several people had told her they had information about the murders. Unfortunately, none of the individuals were willing to speak to investigators about the information they were believed to have.

During a 2018 press conference, the Board of Supervisors and Lancaster City Council, announced a $30,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect(s). Despite the $30,000 reward being announced, authorities received zero leads about the case.

Investigators are confident that multiple people know who the suspect is, but are afraid of possible consequences if they speak up.

4 and a half years later, this case remains UNSOLVED.



In Case 2 of Episode 205, Steve looks into a 2016 shooting in Riverside.

On December 25, 2016 at approximately 10:06 PM, 22-year-old Cassey Verrette and a male companion were sitting in her car on the 3600 block of First Street in Riverside.

As the two were parked having a conversation, surveillance video shows three Hispanic men walk past the car, pull out guns and began opening fire.

Verrette was struck multiple times, as well as her passenger.

Despite being shot three times, Verrette was able to drive her car to a local hospital where she and her passenger were treated for their injuries.

Investigators with the Riverside Police Department’s Gang Intelligence Unit is seeking information in hopes of identifying and prosecuting the suspects involved.

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