Woman Survives 6 Days in the Sierra Mountains by Eating Snow, Yogurt

A 52-year-old woman is alive and well after a six-day ordeal in which she was lost in the chilly Sierra Nevada Mountains!

SOS in smooth snow with copy space

Photo: Getty Images

Sheena Gullet and her boyfriend became stranded in the snow-covered mountain range on April 14th when their truck broke down, prompting the pair to attempt to make their way to civilization on foot, according to the Lassen County Sheriff's Office.

However, when the sole of one of her boots broke off, Gullet returned to the truck where she waited for her boyfriend to return with help...

But it ended up taking six days for a rescue crew to find her.

While she waited, Gullet said she survived by rationing a six-pack of yogurt the pair had brought with them, and stayed hydrated by eating snow. She also says she saw a search helicopter fly overhead on several occasions, but the pilot failed to spot her.

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