Energy Experts Discuss Sustainable Actions at USC's Earth Day Conference

A person holding a cardboard where you can read "save the earth".

Photo: Getty Images

While California is considered a trailblazer in the world of green energy, there is a lot of room for growth according to experts.

According to CBS, climate change, wildfires, air pollution, it all seems to get worse every year.

The University of Southern California's Earth Day Climate Forward Conference is a place where industry experts dialogue and commit to sustainable actions.

Sunrun is the largest solar installer in the United States. Mary Powell, the CEO of Sunrun, shared the stage with Patricia Poppe, CEO of the utility company Pacific Gas and Energy. While the two of them might seem to be on opposite ends of the energy spectrum, and they stated the same goals.

"I've been obsessed with sustainability for as long as I can remember! A customer lead a customer led revolution to EV's right? A customer lead revolution to solar in storage, a customer lead revolution towards sustainability and sustainable choices, I really feel that is way quicker than politicians" said Powell.

"There is not a she-win, we-win program. There is an all of is win when we save the planet and we're not doing it fast enough" said Poppe

PG&E has vowed to go green and bury powerlines to reduce fire risk. Alternative energy companies have committed to better accessibility. Whether it's energy whether it's energy, water, or any other resource consumption, experts said we must be the catalyst to change.

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