Woman Rescued After Falling in Vault Toilet to Retrieve Phone

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Photo: Getty Images

Firefighter came to the rescue of a woman who fell and got stuck in a vault toilet after attempting to retrieve her cellphone.

According to Kiro, the woman in her 40s was using the toilet when she dropped her phone inside. The woman reportedly tried to dismantle the toilet by taking off the seat and housing to get her phone. She used her dog's leashes to help support her while trying to fish the phone out, but they failed and she slid into the toilet head first. She then used her cellphone to call 911 after about 20 minutes in an attempt to climb out.

The firefighters found her inside, assessed the situation and then made a tall makeshift cribbing platform, which was passed down, helping her stand on. They were then able to pull her to safety.

Although the situation was quite traumatic the woman was not injured and did not want to be taken to the hospital according to officails.

The firefighter said she was washed down and given a Tyvek suit to wear and then was strongly encouraged to pursue medical attention after being exposed to human waste. She wanted to leave and head back to California, which is pretty understandable.

According to rescuers the woman is extremely lucky to not be overcome by toxic gases or sustain injury.

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