Chyna Acknowledges July 2017 TRO Affected 2nd Season Show Chances

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - Blac Chyna admitted today that the second season of ``Rob & Chyna'' could not proceed after she obtained a temporary restraining order against her former fiance and co-star, Rob Kardashian, in July 2017.

Chyna, 33, was in her second full day of testimony in the trial of her Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit alleging that Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner lied in alleging that Chyna assaulted Rob Kardashian, now 34, when speaking to E! network executives in order to prevent Chyna from booking a second season of ``Rob & Chyna.'' All but Kylie Jenner were present in court for Thursday's morning session.

Asked by defense attorney Michael G. Rhodes whether network executives were prevented from proceeding with another season of ``Rob & Chyna'' given that the TRO, among other things, directed Rob Kardashian to stay at least 100 yards from the plaintiff, Chyna answered, ``Yes.''

Rhodes maintains -- and Chyna disputes -- that she willingly accepted $100,000 to allow the second season of ``Rob & Chyna'' to be terminated even after filming had begun. On Thursday, she said that although her signature was on the document, she did not put it there.

``I would never sign ... for $100,000 to kill my number one show,'' Chyna said. ``That's my signature, but I didn't sign it.''

Chyna, whose real name is Angela Renee White, said that despite clashes with Rob Kardashian during their relationship, the peaks and valleys of their time together made their internal drama ideal for a second season of their reality show.

``That's what made the show so good, we were being (authentic) and not being fake,'' Chyna said.

Asked by Rhodes about her deposition testimony in which she appeared to minimize any actions that Kris Jenner and her three co-defendant daughters had on her career, Chyna maintained she meant that the four did nothing outwardly hostile.

``Everything to my face was all good,'' Chyna said. ``I now know what they did to me behind my back.'

Chyna admitted that much of the unflattering social media portrayals of her can impact her business opportunities and that the Kardashians and Jenners have nothing to do with those attacks, but she said the negative reports do not bother her.

Chyna said she still has some contact with Rob Kardashian, such as when he suggested within the last two weeks that their daughter, Dream, who is now 5 years old, appear in an Amazon commercial with Kris Jenner with $50,000 to be deposited in an account for the child.

Asked by Rhodes about the appearance of suing Kris Jenner at the same time the Kardashian family matriarch is trying to help the plaintiff's daughter with her financial future, Chyna replied, ``Yes, that's a nice thing to do for her granddaughter.''

In February 2020, Judge Randolph M. Hammock severed from the current suit Chyna's revenge porn claim against Rob Kardashian and directed that it be tried separately. The claim involves what Chyna's court papers call ``humiliating and degrading'' photos that Rob Kardashian allegedly posted of Chyna in July 2017. A separate jury will hear that case after the conclusion of the current proceedings.

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