How to Improve Your Dating App Ettiquette

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Are you having bad luck on the dating apps? Well there is a particular etiquette you must have.

1. Know your sexual orientation and gender identity terminology: It isn't polite to ask someone what their identity means, and it's a request for emotional labor. You can increase your chances of connection by doing your research first.

2. Send a message: If no one reaches out, no dates happen. If you’re a hetertsexual woman, keep it short and sweet. The one who writes the most words is the chaser.

3. Ask questions – Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves

4. Give compliments – Keep it positive

5. Be truthful – admonish liars. Don’t reward the behvavior.

6. Have boundaries – Don’t over share

7. Keep it PG – you may regret sexy talk with a stranger

8. Add emojis and gifs

9. It’s okay to ghost if you haven’t been on the phone or made plans

10. Get on the phone

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