Inheriting Someone Else’s Mistakes

Concept of an apartment or living room that is too small to fit a sofa

Photo: Getty Images

“It Was This Way When We Bought It”

1.Room additions that destroy light and flow

2.House darkening patio covers

3.Severe flooring height transitions

4.Flooring material changes at every room

5.Massive jetted tub platforms

6.Dipping, sloping or spongy floors

7.Lumps bumps and ridges in walls and ceilings

8.Bad skylights

9.Too much concrete

Endless series of adjoining rooms

Photo: Getty Images

10. Confused landscape

11. The old broken water feature

12. Old planter beds

13. Chopped up interior space

14. Half-assed conversions (where we can still see what was there before)

15. Too much moulding

16. Blocked off windows

17. Gaudy style elements the house can’t justify

18. Off-character double front doors

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