Brooklyn Subway Attack: Suspect Arrested + Info. on Victims


Frank R. James has been taken into custody.

Authorities received a Crime Stoppers tip that claimed they had seen James at a McDonald's at East 6th Street and First Avenue in the East Village of NY.
When authorities followed up and arrived at the McDonald's, James had already left. They scoped the area and found him walking a few blocks away at St. Mark's Place and First Avenue.

James did not resist arrest and is currently being held at the 9th precinct.

As the manhunt intensifies looking for the suspect of the Brooklyn subway attack that took place on April 12th, new information has come out about the suspect.

Frank R. James has been identified as the suspect in the fatal subway attack that took place in Brooklyn, NY.

In the past few months, James has been active on Youtube going on threatening rants about different topics. At one point, James began ranting about NY Mayor Eric Adams for "not doing more to combat homelessness in New York".

“Mr. Mayor, I’m a victim of your mental health program,”
“I’m 63 now full of hate, full of anger, and full of bitterness.”

In the rant to Mayor Adams, he continued by saying:

“Eric Adams, Eric Adams: What are you doing, brother? What’s happening with this homeless situation,”
Referring to the subway:
“Every car I went to was loaded with homeless people. It was so bad, I couldn’t even stand. I had to keep moving from car to car.”

In a rant last month, he warned that he was "entering the danger zone" stating he suffers from PTSD.

Police believe that James was living out of the U-Haul van that he abandoned. Clothing and personal hygiene products were found inside the abandoned van.
Surveillance video cameras at the subway terminal were not working at the time of the attack.

10 of the injured were struck by gunfire. Victims of the attack include children and a pregnant woman, amongst others.

The sister of the suspect, Catherine James, commented on the attack her brother committed. She said he "kept to himself" and they have not talked in approximately three years.

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