#TrueCrimeTuesday: 17 L.A. Gangs Following and Robbing Wealthy + More

A police line is placed in the middle of the crime scene

Photo: Getty Images

On this week's #TrueCrimeTuesday, the LAPD has said that there are 17 gangs in Los Angeles that target, follow, and rob the wealthy of Los Angeles.

According to the LAPD, these gangs send out crews in multiple cars, they find, follow, and then rob people that are either driving luxury cars or wearing expensive jewelry.

Captain Jonathon Tippet with the LAPD told the LA Times, that they have identified at least 17 gangs. Most are based out of South Los Angeles and they operate independently.

There were approximately 165 robberies of this type in 2021 and 56 so far this year. A few took place this past weekend.

GaS will also be looking into an Instagram model who allegedly stabbed a man to death. Her lawyers say this was "an act of self-defense".

Courtney Clenney allegedly stabbed and killed a man in his condo. Her lawyer, Frank Prieto says it was an act of self-defense.

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