SpaceX's Private Charter Flight Will Leave Passengers In Space for 10 Days

SpaceX Axiom-1 Launches First Privately Funded And Crewed Mission To ISS

Photo: Getty Images

On Friday, SpaceX's first private charter flight to space took off from the Kennedy Space Center. The trip is expected to last ten days.

The spaceship is carrying three businessmen and an astronaut. According to ABC, each passenger had to pay a whopping $55 million to be part of this trip.

Larry Connor of the Connor Group, Mark Pathy of Mavrik Corp., Eytan Stibbe of Vital Capital, and Michael Lopez- Alegria, a NASA astronaut, and chaperone of the trip, are all onboard the spaceship.

Michael Lopez-Alegria discussed the trip, saying:

"It was a hell of a ride and we're looking forward to the next 10 days,"

When asked if this trip may become somewhat awkward, Alegria said:

"I honestly think that it won't be awkward. I mean maybe a tiny bit."

The first part of the trip was completed on Saturday when the crew arrived at the International Space Station. According to CNN, the journey to arrive at the ISS took about 20 hours after they reached orbit. Once the crew arrived at the International Space Station, the SpaceX crew was met by seven professional astronauts that were already at the ISS.

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