13-Year-Old Girl Who Stabbed Another Girl Multiple Times Gets Probation

Fox 11 Los Angeles did a story about 13-year-old Elisyannah Valdez. The 13-year-old was brutally stabbed multiple times by another 13-year-old, following over a year of bullying on social media. The suspect was arrested and later released, only giving her probation under DA George Gascón's policy.


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For over a year and a half, Valdez was being bullied on social media by a 13-year old girl.

"She called me ugly, fat, she talked about my grandma, said my grandma's burning in hell and ‘F my dead grandma,’"

Valdez told Fox 11 Los Angeles

Cassandra Cisneros, Elisyannah's mother, remembers telling her daughter,

"You're going to have haters. She's jealous, you know, just block her or create a new account." 

Valdez did exactly what her mother told her to do. She would ignore the comments made by the bully, she would create new accounts, but the bully would continue to find and torment her.

The unthinkable took place on April 26th, 2021.

Valdez and her family went to Center Park in Inglewood to have a nice family day, but that all changed very quickly.

The 13-year-old who was bullying Valdez on social media arrived to the park, ready to fight.

Cell phone video shows the two girls involved in a fight.

As the fight was taking place, the bully pulled out a knife and continuously stabbed Valdez.

The stabbing would cause internal bleeding to Valdez, it was even unclear if Valdez would survive the stabbing.

"She was stabbed three times and slashed once on her left arm,"
[The knife] "punctured her liver, her kidneys, her diaphragm and her pericardial sac."

said Cassandra Cisneros, Elisyannah's mother said

The attacker would be arrested and would be charged with one misdemeanor count of assault with a deadly weapon and one count of electronic harassment against a minor.

Cisneros would receive an email from the prosecutor. It said:

"We filed appropriate charges on this case considering George Gascón’s new emphasis on restorative justice as guided by the science and data."

The outcome for the attacker is probation.

When Fox 11 Los Angeles reached out to the DA's office, they declined an on-camera interview. Alex Bastian, special advisor to the DA would release a statement saying:

"In this assault case, the 13-year-old minor had no criminal record. This disposition takes into account the safety of the victim and looks to prevent future harm by ensuring the minor also receives treatment." 

Cisneros was livid about the outcome. She said:

"I’m livid because that little girl is running around doing whatever she wants scot-free. While my baby girl's home suffering from PTSD. You know, afraid to leave the house, constantly looking out her window." 
"Probation is not enough,"

Elisyannah said

For the full Fox 11 Los Angeles story, click here.

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