#GaSAnimalUpdate: P-22 Cools Down in Pond + Buy A Tiger Online?

Brüllender Tiger

Photo: Getty Images

Angeleno's were not the only things trying to cool off this weekend, famed mountain lion P-22 was seen escaping the heat by relaxing at a Los Feliz pond.

The homeowner told ABC 7 Eyewitness News that she was on her way to clean her pond when she spotted P-22 grabbing a drink of water from that pond. The homeowner said that she made eye contact with the cat, but it remained unfazed continuing to drink water.

After spotting P-22, the homeowner said the cougar continued to relax by the pond for about 20 minutes before heading back to the mountains.

Vice News wrote a fascinating article about how easy it was to purchase an endangered tiger on Facebook.

According to the article, it took about a dozen messages and about 24 hours to finalize a deal to purchase the wild animal.

Not only did they find a tiger for sale, but they found bears, leopards, and more wild animals easily accessible for purchase.

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