Transient Accused of Injuring Passing Motorist with a Chunk of Concrete

Flashing Police Light

Photo: Getty Images

GARDEN GROVE (CNS) - A 30-year-old transient hurled a chunk of concrete at a passing driver in Garden Grove today, prompting the motorist to chase him down on foot until police arrested the suspect.

Police were called about 11:30 a.m. about a man flinging items at passing vehicles at Brookhurst Street south of Chapman Avenue. Lonnie Johnson was accused of chucking a 13-pound hunk of concrete at a motorist passing by about 40 mph on Brookhurst, according to police. The missile shattered through the windshield, striking the driver on his right shoulder.

The 26-year-old man behind the wheel got out and started chasing after the suspect, alerting officers where he was while in pursuit, police said. Officers who responded found the suspect hiding near a residence.

Anyone who has helpful information for investigators was asked to call police at 714-741-5872.

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