City National Bank Donates $1M to LAUSD Student Financial Literacy Program

Financial Literacy written on a notepad sheet. Education concept.

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LOS ANGELES (CNS) - City National Bank today announced another three- year, $1 million donation to the Los Angeles Unified School District to support financial-literacy programs for high school students.

``Providing critical financial education tools to high school students is one of the most important ways City National can help to make our communities stronger,'' Kelly Coffey, CEO of City National Bank, said in a statement announcing the donation. ``Teaching students important money management skills is crucial for them to make sound financial decisions needed to achieve their educational and professional aspirations.''

Coffey is expected to make the donation official during an early afternoon news conference at Crenshaw High School with LAUSD Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

The bank announced its original donation in 2019 in support of the ``Dollars+Sense'' educational program, and bank officials said more than 26,000 students have taken part, receiving a total of nearly 74,000 hours of financial- literacy education.

Participating students can take up to eight hours of interactive courses through the program, and those who complete it receive a ``Certification in Financial Education.''

``To achieve success in college and beyond, we must teach students about money management skills and the importance of saving and spending wisely,'' Carvalho said in a statement. ``We are grateful to City National for providing comprehensive tools and financial literacy lessons to help our high school students make responsible money management decisions.''

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