The Economy Grew At A Rapid Pace In 2021

The economy grew 5.7% in 2021!

And a report released today from the Bureau of Economic Analysis claims the growth rate was the fastest since 1984.

The gross domestic product grew at a 6.9% annualized rate to close out the year, which was much stronger than forecasters had expected. The unemployment rate also ticked down to 3.8%, which was the lowest since the start of the pandemic and near the lowest levels of the past half-century.

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But this all comes as Inflation has become a growing source of concern for the country...

Consumer prices have increased almost 8% for the 12 months ending in February, which is the fastest rate since 1982.

A poll released this week says the number of people who say inflation is the country’s leading problem has more than doubled in the last three months.

Read the full report on The Washington Examiner.

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