Tim Robbins Joins Gary and Shannon!

Tim Robbins joins Gary and Shannon to discuss 'Can't Pay? Don't Pay!’. 

The Actors' Gang, the theater group founded by Tim Robbins, is returning to the stage with the hilarious satire 'Can't Pay? Don't Pay!’. 

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'Can't Pay? Don't Pay!’: Nobel Laureate Dario Fo’s high-energy, satirical farce is directed by Bob Turton, who won a Stage Raw Award for his role, The Madman, in The Actors’ Gang’s 2019 production of Dario Fo's Accidental Death of an Anarchist. Hungry and fed up by rising prices and stagnant wages, Antonia joins a revolt of women at the local supermarket. Determined to live with dignity and rejecting an austerity diet of dog food and birdseed, the women's protest escalates, and looting ensues. As police search door to door, Antonia and her friend Margherita frantically try to hide their 'liberated' goods from their husbands and the police. 'Can't Pay? Don't Pay!' questions why, in a world of bailed-out banks and overpriced prescription drugs, theft is only a crime when it is committed by those truly in need. The cast includes Kaili Hollister as Antonia, Lynde Houck as Margherita, Jeremie Loncka as Giovanni, and Steven M. Porter as multiple characters (Agent, Old Man, Sergeant, Undertaker). Can't Pay? Don't Pay! will also introduce fresh faces to the original cast, including Luis Quintana as Luigi and Stephanie G. Galindo as multiple characters (Officer, Agent, Nurse, Assistant).

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