Family of Murdered College Student Seeking Justice for 2008 Murder

Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascón joined the family of Cliff Hibbert Jr., a 22-year old that was murdered in 2008, to obtain information about his murder.

While on Spring break, Hibbert Jr. and his friend Kenneth Patterson were gunned down in the Vermont Square neighborhood of Los Angeles. 14-years after the murders, the case remains unsolved.

George Gascón stated that one of the biggest reasons for the number of unsolved murders in Los Angeles is due to the lack of trust in the community and hopes that by opening the doors of the D.A.'s office, that trust will increase.

"The reality is that the solvability of homicides in this country is abysmal and even in our county sometimes is around 50%,"

said Gascón 

Donna Brown, the mother of Cliff Hibbert Jr., commented on the unsolved murder. She said:
"It took me nine months to carry my son in my stomach, 22 years to raise him," ... "And it took one bullet to take Cliff's breath away."

Hibbert Jr. was weeks away from graduating from Cal State University Northridge.

Tiffiny Blacknell, a Deputy District Attorney, commented on this unsolved murder. Blacknell said:

"Every case won't have DNA, every case won't have surveillance cameras, every case won't have fingerprint evidence,"
"Some cases will be solved by eyewitnesses. And unless we build trust in communities who witness these crimes, the solve rate will continue to be low."

The LAPD is still actively seeking answers to this murder but hopes someone will come forward that has information into the murder.

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