Culver City Homeless Outrage

Culver City councilmembers are complete morons. They agreed to clear out space for a homeless encampment under the 405 freeway !

From Fox 11:

Culver City's leaders are considering clearing out more than a dozen parking spots under a freeway overpass which may give a homeless encampment in the area some room to grow.
Councilmembers with Culver City spent Monday night discussing the possible move, which would impact Washington Boulevard at the 405 Freeway. The proposed move, also known as council agenda item C7, was introduced due to the pandemic and ongoing regional housing pressures causing the encampment to grow under the freeway overpass in that area.
City officials who proposed C7 argued in the agenda that the move could alleviate concerns that the tents and shelters from the encampment would make it tougher for pedestrians to walk along the sidewalk. If it passes, C7 would remove about 15 parking spaces, according to the agenda.
Critics of the proposed move, including, say the plan would cost the city about $100,000 and would shut down parking lanes and force pedestrians to walk in the nearby parking lanes.

John and Ken spoke with former Culver City Mayor Jeff Cooper who is outraged and baffled by this council's decision.

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