Chinese Man Has Lived in Airport for 14 Years

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A Chinese man has been living at Beijing International Airport for 14 years... and the reason why may surprise you.

What would you do if your family gave you an ultimatum? You either stop drinking alcohol and smoking or you move out of the family home. This was the ultimatum Wei Jianguo of Beijing was faced with.

After Jianguo was faced with this ultimatum from his family, he took matters into his own hands and moved into a Beijing airport, a place he has called 'home' for the last 14 years.

Wei discussed his living situation with China Daily:

"I can't go back home because I have no freedom there."

He continued by saying:

"My family told me if I wanted to stay, I had to quit smoking and drinking. If I couldn't do that, I had to give them all my monthly government allowance of 1,000 yuan (£119.43). But then how would I buy my cigarettes and alcohol?"

Said Wei Jianguo

After leaving his family home in 2008, Wei began taking refuge in railway stations and at the airport. He then settled in Terminal 2 of the airport, but has mentioned that he does stay in Terminal 3 at times.

His family lives 12 miles away from the airport in the city of Wangjing.

China Daily spoke to some of the airport staff about their resident and has said that he is harmless, but is a loud drunk. The staff has asked him to go home at times, but he has refused and gets mad when asked.

You could read the full story of Wei Jianguo by clicking here.

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