Dog Saved !

Hooray! We usually don't cover this kind of stuff but this story has a happy ending...

LAFD successfully removed a large dog stuck in the LA River. John & Ken and Debra Mark narrated this crazy situation today.

A well-intentioned individual who tried to rescue the dog almost got swept away while losing his shorts. In case you don't know, stormwater runoff at low levels are very difficult to walk through.

Don't do it.

From NBC4:

The dramatic scene prompted lookiloos to come out and see the action from street overpasses. Initially, a Los Angeles Fire Department rescuer was lowered into the water from a helicopter, but the dog wiggled from the rescuer's grasp.
Downstream in Studio City, a man jumped into the water and clutched on to the dog as they drifted down the river. He lost his grip on the dog as he was plucked from the water by an LAFD helicopter rescue team.
The dog did not appear to be in deep water as it walked with the current in a section of flood channel with high concrete walls. Firefighters said the water was moving at an estimated 5 to 10 mph.
People gathered on bridges over the river as the dog trotted past. The fire department pleaded with people to stay out of the water.

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