California Grocery Workers Could Go On Strike

Nearly 50,000 grocery workers in central and southern California could soon be going on strike.

The union -- which represents over 47,000 workers at hundreds of grocery stores -- voted last week to authorize a strike if necessary. 

(The current union contract ended March 6th.)


Photo: Getty Images

Workers are calling for a $5-and-hour raise, compared to the 60-cent cost-of-living increase included in the latest contract proposal.

In a statement, Ralphs Grocery said “no one wins in a strike — not our associates, not our company, not our communities and not the union.”
“The outcome of the strike authorization vote does not change anything related to this process,” Albertsons said in a statement. “We remain committed to negotiating a contract that is fair to all parties.”

Negotiations are set to continue on Wednesday.

Read more on the Los Angeles Times.

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