Couple Scams Casino Out Of Thousands Of Dollars

Pennsylvania State Police have launched a search for a couple who reportedly scammed a casino out of thousands of dollars!!!

Shaun Benward, 35, and Denielle Derohan, 42, are accused of stealing $10,500 from Pittsburgh’s Rivers Casino over a 24-hour period back in February.

Gambling chips stacked on Roulette table in casino, close-up, elevated view

Photo: Getty Images

How'd they do it, you ask?

The duo conducted the scam at the casino's roulette wheel, where Benward would distract the dealer while the wheel was spinning, allowing Derohan to see where the ball landed... According to charging documents, she would then relay the number to Benward, who'd place a bet on the winning number while the dealer was still distracted.

The couple, who have a history of criminal activity at casinos, are wanted on charges of felony theft by deception and misdemeanor fraudulent scheme, police say.

Read the full report on WPXI TV.

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