Is This The End Of Putin?

Brad Garrett, crime and terrorism analyst for ABC News talked to John & Ken today about where Putin goes from here.

According to reports, the Russian army has been stonewalled which may lead to Putin escalating his attacks in Ukraine.

These attacks could include biological and nuclear weapons.

Politico put out a piece called "How the Ukraine war could go nuclear". This is some scary s!@#.

The Nuclear Threat Initiative last week outlined a hypothetical but horrific scenario to underscore how the war in Ukraine could go wrong. In a simulation based on historical examples, the current conflict escalated with the detonation of a nuclear weapon in Ukraine and quickly spiraled into a nuclear holocaust.
The scenario lays out a chain of events — the downing of an American spy plane by accident, the misreading of counter actions, cyber attacks that further sow confusion, and leaders with very little time to react — that result in the unthinkable: an all-out nuclear war between the United States and Russia.
“Over the course of the next hour,” it chillingly details, “82 million Americans are killed with allied countries faring similarly. Most die instantly, while more will die of radiation poisoning over the coming days and weeks.”

Brad Garrett laid out some bad scenarios with us this afternoon. Anything can happen at this point....just saying.

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