Florida Man Trapped in Porta-Potty Arrested for Drug Possession

Porta Potty

Photo: Getty Images

What was already a crappy night only got worse for one man in Florida as he was left screaming, trapped inside of a porta-potty. Unfortunately for him, that wasn’t the worst of his problems. The man was then arrested for drug possession following his release from the stink box.

Bystanders called Naples police after hearing the screams, as James Gousse, 34, was undoubtedly frantic inside what can only be assumed to be a dark, stinky place. When an official finally arrived, Gousse’s yells could be heard immediately, and his foot could be seen protruding from the door of the facility.

Once the officer was able to release Gousse, he was advised to sit down nearby. He shared that he managed to get his foot jammed and couldn’t get it released.

After a brief search of the facility, officials discovered a powdery substance that later tested positive for fentanyl. Gousse was placed under arrest and now faces several drug-related charges.

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