Florida Man Blames ‘Video Game Addiction’ for Theft

Xbox nights

Photo: Getty Images

A man in Pasco County, Florida was arrested after deputies say he stole a Microsoft XBOX, blaming his “video game addiction.”

The Pasco County Sheriff's Office said on Saturday that Gary Rodriguez, 22, arranged a meeting with a seller he met through the Facebook Marketplace. When the two met and Rodriguez was shown the high-in-demand console, he grabbed it and ran.

Rodriguez was found by deputies nearby and was arrested.

After searching through Rodriguez’s backpack, they found the stolen XBOX alongside an eight-inch chef’s knife. Rodriguez told authorities he brought the knife for his own protection.

Rodriguez admitted to the PCSO that he had no intention of paying for the console, and stole it because of a “video game addition,” which made him want the latest and greatest Microsoft has to offer when it comes to gaming consoles despite not having the money for it.

Rodriguez is now facing a robbery by sudden snatching charge, and an extended period of time without video games.

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