The End Of CA Sanctuary State Status ?

The CA GOP is essentially dead and has been for many years. Dopey Gavin Newsom has a cakewalk to another term because CA GOP leaders do not exist.

Meet Republican Assemblyman Kevin Kiley. He has been working hard for years to bring reasonable debate and new ideas to this idiotic state.

Kevin Kiley and a new wave of young CA Republicans are beginning to get some momentum because the public is getting sick and tired of woke identity politics.

Kevin spoke with John & Ken about new legislation to end California's sanctuary status nightmare.

Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (R-Rocklin) announced he has introduced Assembly Bill 1708 to repeal the Sanctuary State law in California that took away the ability of local law enforcement to notify federal authorities about the release of an undocumented immigrant from jail.
“A few weeks ago our community experienced an unspeakable tragedy that could have been avoided if not for harmful policies passed by the California Legislature,” said Assemblyman Kiley. “My prayers are with the family of the victims, this should never have been allowed to happen. We must repeal the Sanctuary State law immediately to prevent avoidable tragedies like this in the future.”

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