Fight Between Cypress H.S. & Downey H.S. Now Under Investigation

Fight in a football game crowd. Angry man hitting another spectator in soccer match audience. Violent argument between two fans of different teams and clubs.

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A fight that broke out between softball players from Cypress High School and Downey High School earlier this month is now under investigation.

According to Lt. Scott Ausmus of the Cypress Police Department, surveillance video shows a confrontation between players from the opposing schools. The fight involved "several minors".

The fight broke out in front of the Cypress High School gymnasium on March 8th around 5:15 pm. The altercation became so heated that it spilled into the parking lot of the high school and had to be separated by an assistant principal, a track and field coach, and a number of parents.

The Downey Unified School District released a statement in regards to the fight. It read:

“Downey High School students and parents were attacked and physically assaulted after a freshman softball game”

The statement continued:

“Our students and parents were on their way to their respective vehicles near the gym and were attacked by a group of females,”
“We are fully cooperating with Cypress Police Department as a part of their ongoing investigation. We are deeply disturbed by this unprovoked attack on our students and parents and hope the individuals involved are held accountable for their actions.”

A parent that intervened in the altercation sustained minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital following the fight.

Lt. Ausmus said that police are seeking the identities of those involved, who started the fight, and to what extent a bat was used during the ordeal.

It is important to mention that by the time the police arrived on the scene, the altercation had already come to an end. No arrests have been made as of writing.

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