$4k Bottle of Cognac That Was Stolen From A Bar Has Been Returned

At the Grand View Restaurant in San Jose finally knows who stole a $4,000 bottle of Cognac from behind their bar.

Surveillance video from the Grand View Restaurant shows a woman quickly walking behind the bar, grabbing the $4,000 bottle of Louie XIII, and walking out of the restaurant.

NBC Bay Area's Damian Trujillo was able to obtain the surveillance video from the restaurant.

Investigators that were looking into the case said the woman that stole the bottle had dinner at the restaurant with a man on the night of the theft.

The owner of the restaurant commented on the theft following the return of Louie XIII. The statement read:

"With all the bad things happening around the world, from COVID to Ukraine, I decided to give her a second chance and not press charges," "She's a mother of six who says she's very sorry."

A $1,500 reward was offered to lead to the arrest of the cognac thief prior to the bottle being returned.

Though she apologized for stealing the cognac, the family is no longer welcome at the Grand View Restaurant.

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