Marc Anthony TAKES OVER the Arena

At a sold-out Arena, Marc Anthony left his heart here in Los Angeles!!!

I attended the Marc Anthony's Pa'lla Voy concert at the Arena this past Friday night... and let me tell you, it was AMAZING!

I have been to many concerts in my years, many have been enjoyable and some absolutely boring - I can say this truthfully, none as fun as a Marc Anthony concert.

The "King of Salsa" took the audience on a fun stroll through his career, singing his greatest hits. From love ballads to salsa, Marc gave you a little bit of everything.

As I sat watching Marc perform, I could not help to look around the sold-out arena. I say this without exaggeration, there was nobody sitting down while Marc performed. He had everyone's attention encouraging them to stand up and dance!

Marc has a special connection to his crowd, he looks around, dances around the stage, and makes everyone feel like Anthony is singing directly to them. You can tell that he is very happy being on stage, it is a contagious feeling.

As I attended the concert, I noticed that his show was for people of all ages. I saw older people and I saw children as young as 5-years-old sitting in the crowd. I liked that this concert was not only for older fans but gave his younger fans a fun time.

A moment that I constantly think about is when he first walked onto the stage. The lights dimmed, his band and backup singers began singing parts of some of his most notable songs. Once the lights turned onto the stage and the band began, everyone started screaming and chanting for "Marc". Once the band began playing the song, "Valio la Pena", the crowd knew it was time for the "King of Salsa" to take the stage.

Marc's stage presence is unlike any other artist, he captivates everyone in the crowd with his talent and charisma as he graces the stage.

As a member of the audience, I knew and felt that being on-stage in Los Angeles meant a lot to Anthony. When he would stop and look around, taking in the moment, the crowd started chanting for him. Being in Los Angeles did not only mean a lot to Anthony, but on the contrary, it meant a lot to the crowd to have Marc take the stage in a city as historic as Los Angeles.

Anthony is unlike other artists, he took the time to thank his crowd in Los Angeles for being there that night.

As the concert began to come to an end, Anthony thanked the crowd and "ended" the concert. As he walked to the back, the lights went out and everyone in the arena starting chanting "Otra! Otra! Otra!" translated to "one more! one more! one more!". They began turning their flashlights on and illuminated the whole arena. It was quite an amazing sight.

As the crowd chanted and illuminated the arena, Marc walked back out and sang the crowd one more song, his hit "Vivir Mi Vida"!

Everyone in the crowd was singing along and dancing with Anthony. It was a beautiful moment to experience.

This was such an amazing concert to sit in the audience for. It was a lot of fun!

Anthony exudes charisma through his singing and dancing. Compared to other concerts I have attended in the past, Marc’s is a standout. I highly recommend you attend a Marc Anthony concert at some point in your lifetime. His concerts are fun for all ages. I have seen children as young as five years old to people in their 80s having the time of their life singing with Marc at his concerts. 

Tickets for the remaining "Pa'lla Voy" tour dates are still available at If you have the opportunity, attend a Marc Anthony concert during your lifetime, you will have a blast!

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