Homeless man arrested for 16 armed robberies throughout LA County

A homeless man has been arrested for committing two armed robberies in Glendale. Officials say 36-year-old Rudy Mendoza has also been linked to 14 additional robberies throughout the San Gabriel Valley and Los Angeles over a two-month period.  

According to the Glendale Police Department, officers responded to a robbery on East Broadway on January 7th. They reported that a man had simulated having a gun and told an employee to hand over the money from the cash register. On March 3, a suspect at a fast-food restaurant on East Colorado Street got behind the counter, took out a gun and removed the cash from the register. He then fled the scene.

Police say:

"While reviewing surveillance video, the suspect was identified as the same suspect from the January 7th Glendale PD Robbery.”.

Officials say Mendoza has been linked to 14 additional armed robberies.

He’s been charged with 16 counts of armed robbery.

PHOTO CREDIT: Glendale Police Dept

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