Dangerous Tesla Stunt Takes Place in Echo Park, Driver Fled Scene

The LAPD is searching for the driver of a Tesla that was involved in a dangerous stunt in Echo Park this weekend.

A viral video shows the rented Tesla speeding uphill and then flying through the air, later hitting two parked cars and several trash cans. Following the stunt, the driver and others involved got into another Tesla that was on standby and fled the scene.
The stunt took place at the intersections of Baxter and Alvarado in Echo Park.

Though it is not confirmed, TikTok user @DurteDom posted the video on his social media with the caption,
"just got this last week too smh… 😅 @gassy.la got me too zooted"

The user can be seen taking marijuana gummies before the video cuts to the stunt.

According to the LAPD, the Tesla that was used in the stunt was rented.

The TikTok user not only doubles down on confirming that he did the stunt, but posted several videos practically making a joke out of the whole event. He posted a video the following morning and says,
"Guys, I don't even know what happened last night. I was so f***ed up off these guys right here [shows marijuana gummies], oh my God."

Youtuber Alex Choi posted a Youtube video, titled "Jumping a BRAND NEW $150k Tesla 50ft Into The Air *TOTALED"
The video shows that many people were on the scene during the ridiculous stunt.

The next video this influencer posted was the aftermath of the stunt. A heavily damaged Tesla. He can be heard laughing about the accident

After that, he posted another video. He shows a screenshot of a KTLA news article about the stunt and he is just laughing while the N.W.A. song, "F*** da Police" is playing.

Lastly, he posted a video where he says "we made it on the news!" and is showing a KTLA live shot about the stunt.

If this is the actual driver, he shows absolutely no remorse for his actions.

"DurteDom" became famous on Youtube while being part of David Dobrik's "Vlog Squad", the two parted ways after allegations that were made about "DurteDom".

A resident of the Echo Park neighborhood where this took place, Cliff Magreta, told KTLA:

“These kids were just running up and down the hill here. Three Teslas followed, and they basically jumped from one Tesla to another,”

On Sunday evening, the LAPD said they have received several leads about the driver, they tweeted:

LAPD Detective Juan Campos commented on the stunt:

“It never should’ve been done,” he continued by saying, “I don’t know what they were thinking about. It could’ve gotten somebody killed.”

The LAPD is offering a $1,000 reward leading to the information about the driver. Anyone that may have witnessed the crash or has information about the driver is urged to contact Detective Campos at 213-833-3713.

Unfortunately, there have been copycats showing up on the same street, attempting similar stunts. In 2020, Youtuber David Dobrik, did a very similar stunt on his channel. The stunt can be seen within 15 seconds of his video.

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