Cheerleaders Save The Day At NCAA Tournament

Although St. Mary's took a victory over Indiana, two cheerleaders are being hailed as the real heroes of Thursday's NCAA Tournament game!

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament - First Round - Portland

Photo: Getty Images

Nathan Paris and Cassidy Cerny are the two Indiana cheerleaders who came to the rescue when a ball got stuck between the backboard and shot clock early in the second half.

After several players and referees failed to dislodge the ball, the two cheerleaders went into action as Cerney stepped onto Paris' outstretched hands, balancing herself as he raised his arms high over his head. Cerny was able to grab the ball with no issues.

"It was too high to get for the grounds crew and they didn't want anybody on the steps, so I grabbed Cass and we're like, ''alright push up and we'll see if it works,'' Paris said. "It was just another stunt.''

Even better, the feat was met by a thundering roar from the crowd as the commentator barked, "What a play! The cheerleader saves the day!!!"

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