Marc Anthony makes his return to Los Angeles THIS FRIDAY!!!!

“The King of Salsa” Marc Anthony makes his return to Los Angeles this Friday 3/18 for the Pa’lla Voy Tour. Anthony will be at the Arena, formerly the Staples Center, in a much-anticipated night celebrating his career and most recent album, “Pa’lla Voy”. 

On March 4th, Anthony alongside Magnus Music debuted his latest album, Pa’lla Voy. His latest album features new nine singles that celebrate Salsa in all forms! 

In a documentary about the launch of his newest album, Marc discussed his new nine newest songs and the process of putting them together. He said: 

“I had time to absorb these songs differently, more time to fall in love with the songs and work on them,” 

Anthony continued by saying: 

“At Magnus, I am surrounded by writers,” … “They write with my voice in mind, with my inflections in mind: ‘what would Marc do with this? ... I end up with a treasure trove of material.’” 

Anthony’s producer and right-hand man, Sergio George, also discussed the process of coming up with this new album. George said: 

“When he dictates brass or the rhythmic base to me, I finish it. It is a very magical thing to work with Marc,” 

He continued: 

“It’s something that has never happened to me in my life with anyone else.” 

Marc’s highly anticipated concert at the Arena in Los Angeles begins at 8 pm and will take you on a very fun journey through his career, singing some of his greatest hits. 

Anthony exudes charisma through his singing and dancing. Compared to other concerts I have attended in the past, Marc’s is a standout. I highly recommend you attend a Marc Anthony concert at some point in your lifetime. His concerts are fun for all ages. I have seen children as young as five years old to people in their 80s having the time of their life singing with Marc at his concerts. 

Tickets are still available for his concert at the Arena and his concert dates that follow! Make sure to check it out! 

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