Extra Security Assigned to Cerritos High School Following Threat

Security Guard Listening To Earpiece Against Building

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CERRITOS (CNS) - An unspecified threat of violence targeting Cerritos High School led to bolstered security at the campus today.

The heightened security presence was assigned to ensure the safety of the students and staff at the school in the 12500 block of East 183rd Street, said Scott Smith of the ABC Unified School District.

``There was a threat,'' Smith said. ``We are treating it as such.''

Details of the threat were not released by the school district. Cerritos Community News reported that a student posted a video on Instagram with a gun saying he planned to carry out a shooting at the campus.

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department representative said investigators do not believe the threat was credible, and there was no indication that students or staff were in danger.

Cerritos High School has been the focus of at least two recent violent incidents, prompting the president of the ABCUSD Board of Education to send a letter to the community on Monday highlighting safety measures at the campus, and noting that security had already been beefed up.

Soo Yoo referenced a Feb. 28 shooting at a nearby park involving a student, then an on-campus fight that occurred last week.

``In response to these incidents, additional campus security has been assigned to Cerritos High School,'' Yoo wrote. ``School administrators, counselors and staff are visible on campus during passing periods, at snack and lunch, and before and after school.

``... I understand these incidents are disturbing and of grave concern to our community, especially parents/guardians. Our district staff and the Board of Education are committed to providing additional resources ... to ensure the safety of students and staff. I will keep the community informed as the investigations into these incidents progress.

``Our schools have a history of being safe places for our students to learn and grow,'' she wrote. ``I am confident that the district staff is doing what it takes to continue keeping our schools safe.''

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