#TrueCrimeTuesday: "Bad Vegan"

US Online Streaming Giant Netflix : Illustration

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On this week's #TrueCrimeTuesday, GaS looks into Netflix's newest documentary, "Bad Vegan".

"Bad Vegan" follows the bizarre story of Sarma Melngailis - the co-owner of popular NY vegan and raw food restaurant Pure Food and Wine. Melnagailis' story was made into a four-part documentary series for Netflix.

The documentary looks into the rise of her restaurant. Celebrities would frequent the restaurant and was seemingly ahead of its time. A purely vegan restaurant in New York City. She opened this restaurant with chef Matthew Kenney.
The documentary also delves into her allegations that her husband was manipulating her, the lifestyle she believed would lead her to immortality and lastly pleading guilty to theft and fraud charges in 2017.

The documentary is executive produced by Chris Smith, the same person who produced the "Tiger King" documentary.

"Bad Vegan" premieres on Netflix on Wednesday, March 16th.

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