Garcetti's India Nomination Just Got Tanked

Garcetti is done.

Whistleblower Aid founder and chief disclosure officer John Tye talked to John & Ken about what appears to be the end of Eric Garcetti's political career.

John Tye represents Naomi Seligman, a former Garcetti staffer who alleges she was forcibly kissed by scumbag Rick Jacobs and that Garcetti knew about Jacob's despicable pattern of behavior and did nothing.

LA Daily News put out this story:

A Republican senator from Iowa is investigating allegations that Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ignored a close adviser’s inappropriate behavior toward city employees and others — an allegation the mayor’s office denied in a statement — and has requested that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell try to put a stop to his appointment by President Joe Biden as ambassador to India.
The investigation was reported by Politico, which obtained a letter to McConnell, in which Sen. Chuck Grassley states he plans to “object to any unanimous consent request at this time relating to the nomination of Mayor Eric Garcetti to be the U.S. Ambassador to India.”
Grassley said he received “numerous credible allegations from multiple whistleblowers alleging that Mr. Garcetti, while Mayor of Los Angeles, had knowledge of sexual harassment and assaults allegedly committed against multiple city employees and their associates by his close advisor, and that he ignored the misconduct."

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