Senseless LA Murder Motivated By Robbery: LAPD

Just another day in paradise....

LA resident Marcos Sandoval was brutally murdered while walking his dog this past Saturday in the 5am hour.

According to LAPD, Sandoval was walking his cute little white poodle when the murder suspect rolled up in a car, exchanged words with Sandoval and opened fire.

Immediately after the shooting, Sandoval's dog ran back home without his owner which led family members to the murder scene.

From Fox 11:

"It’s awful. He was walking his dog. We all walk our dogs every morning. My husband was out walking his dog at the same time," said a neighbor who asked not to be identified. She added that her husband waved to Sandoval that morning before tragedy struck. "The word ‘senseless’ just won’t leave my mind."
The neighbor told FOX 11’s Gigi Graciette everyone on the block knew Sandoval because he walked his dog every day, which is what he was doing during the final moments of his life. 

Living in LA is absolutely chaotic. Crimes and murders are happening in every part of the city, in every community and every neighborhood.

Your job is to RECALL GEORGE GASCON so prosecutors and law enforcement get LA county back to law-and-order principles.

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