Investors Have Bought A Caribbean Island To Start New Country

View from island Krk with rocky coastline and pine tree to dalmatian coast near Rijeka on Adriatic sea, Croatia Europe

Photo: Getty Images

A group of investors has purchased an island in the Caribbean and they are planning to start their own country.

Now, who wouldn't want to own their own island? A group of investors from "Let's Buy an Island" took matters into their own hands and purchased a 1.2-acre island. Th island is named Coffee Caye island. It gets its name because the island is "shaped like a coffee bean".

The island is a short boat ride from Belize City.

 "Who wouldn't want to buy an island?"

Marshall Mayer, co-founder of Let's Buy an Island told CNN.

You may be asking yourself, "how did a group of investors even buy an island?" To answer that question a group of over 85 investors raised over $250,000 to buy the island.

The country is named the Principality of Islandia, it has its own flag, and apparently has hundreds of online citizens.

If you want to invest in this island and become a "part-owner" you would need to pay $5,495, you would be included in decision making and "would own a country". You could also become a citizen of the country by heading over to their website.

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